Buddhism and Meditation – with Gen Rigden

Buddhism and Meditation
New Module: Training the Mind Meditations

Teacher: Buddhist monk Gen Rigden
Days: Wednesdays
Time: 7:30pm to 9pm
Price per class: 6€ – Free for monthly cards

In-person activity with the possibility of participating remotely (only for students who cannot attend for reasons such as: living more than 40 km from the Temple, having a work commitment at the time of the activity or being unable to move around due to health). In this case, students can tick the “online” option on the registration form and will receive the link to access the live broadcast.
Recording – After the class, the student will receive a link to access the recording that will be available for 2 days.

Live Streaming – How Online Classes Work

Please note:

  • Classes with option of simultaneous translation into English. (Please bring your mobile phone/tablet with headphones)
  • Online registration closes 2 hours before the activity.
  • Online participation exclusive for residents in Portugal.
  • It is necessary to commit not to record or reproduce these teachings.

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In this seven lesson module we will explore the famous Buddhist poem Training the Mind in Seven Points, which reveals powerful and accessible methods for cultivating positive and altruistic states of mind. Ancient meditation techniques, tried and tested for centuries, will be revived and brought into our everyday experiences giving us the inspiration we need in these difficult times.

Everyone welcome!

Talk with monk Gen Rigden

18/Jan: The Five Forces of Training the Mind
How to integrate our daily practices

25/Jan: Meditation on Exchanging Self with Others
How to abandon the source of our problems

01/Feb: Meditation on Taking and Giving
The Healing Power of Compassion

08/Feb: Meditation on Bodhichitta
How to Cultivate Superior Intention

15/Feb: Meditation on the Ultimate Bodhichitta
The Supreme Nectar of Liberation

22/Feb: The Commitments and Precepts of Training the Mind
How to Establish a Powerful Inner Protection

Teachings based on the book Universal Compassion by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

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Gen Kelsang Rigden is the resident teacher at Kadampa Temple Sintra.
He is a monk who, with his example of closeness, sense of humour and clarity in expounding the teachings, encourages us to practice meditation and to apply Buddha’s advice in our lives with sincerity.